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Professor Rothbart is the number one internationally recognized expert on the subject of chronic pain elimination. He has been extensively published in leading medical journals and currently teaches and lectures to professionals.  He has appeared on radio, written a syndicated column, and hosted a television show speaking with people all over the world on how they can eliminate their chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Professor Rothbart has advanced the understanding of how the foot structure is linked to the development of chronic pain. 

      Rothbart BA 2013. Prescriptive Insoles and Dental Orthotics Change the Frontal Plane Position of the Atlas (C1), Mastoid, Malar, Temporal and Sphenoid Bones: A Preliminary Study. Journal of Cranio Manidibular and Sleep Practice, Vol 31(4):300-308.

      Rothbart BA 2014.  Malocclusion and Abnormal Foot Motion.Cranio UK (Journal of the British Society for the Study of Craniomandibular Disorders), Issue No. 1, pp 26-29.


Board members weigh in on the year's best advances in pain management. Journal Practical Pain Management   Vol 15:10, December 2015


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